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    Millie Weaver – Shadow Gate
    Direct link to video

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    Millie Weaver – Shadow Gate 2
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    Covid911 – INSURGENCY
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    Ep. 2884a – People Are Now Rejecting The [WEF], It Has Begun, The World Is Changing
    (2022-09-26 22:55:28) Direct link to video

    Ep. 2884b-It’s Always Good To Be Underestimated,The Old Guard Is In The Process Of Being Destroyed
    (2022-09-26 22:45:43) Direct link to video

    Lisa Haven – Restricted Republic

    RED ALERT! Russia & Chinese Missile Cruisers & a Destroyer In & Around U.S. Waters!
    (2022-09-27 17:29:13) Direct link to video


    Mauritius: The Aftermath of an Oil Spill and Ecological Disaster | SCNR
    (2020-12-24 21:15:32) Direct link to video

    Veritas Visuals

    Washington Post Day 2 Report of Democracy Partners v. Project Veritas Action, Project Veritas, et ..
    (2022-09-16 22:33:22) Direct link to video

    Mark Dice

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