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    Millie Weaver – Shadow Gate
    Direct link to video

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    Millie Weaver – Shadow Gate 2
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    Covid911 – INSURGENCY
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    Kash Patel – D’s Are In The Process Of Removing Biden, The Patriots Have The Leverage To Get It All
    (2023-01-28 14:09:35) Direct link to video

    Ep. 2983a – Biden Takes The Bait & Says He Will Veto Everything That Is Sent To Him
    (2023-01-27 23:57:26) Direct link to video

    Lisa Haven – Restricted Republic

    Wow! RNC Just Threw Trump Under The Bus With One Huge Disgusting Move!
    (2023-01-28 16:53:11) Direct link to video


    Mauritius: The Aftermath of an Oil Spill and Ecological Disaster | SCNR
    (2020-12-24 21:15:32) Direct link to video

    Veritas Visuals

    WAR ROOM: Steven Bannon & James O'Keefe Discuss Viral #DirectedEvolution Investigation
    (2023-01-27 19:38:58) Direct link to video

    Mark Dice

    Steven Crowder Finally Admits It – His $50 Million Dollar Scheme Is Up! – Mark Dice Was Right!
    (2023-01-28 14:57:15) Direct link to video

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